Global Institute for Dance and Music: Translucent Borders

Translucent Borders is a three-year exploration of intercultural dialogue, practice and exchange led by Arts Professor, Dr. Andy Teirstein, focusing on the role of dance and music at borders (geographic, cultural, economic). Participants are leading choreographers, composers, and NYU faculty in theater, anthropology and recorded music. The project examines ways in which practitioners of dance and music can act as catalysts for mutual change between disparate cultural entities.

Project Members

Principal Investigator: Andy Teirstein

Associate Arts Professor Pam Pietro, Arts Professor Sean Curran (Chair, Dance), Associate Arts Professor Rashaun Mitchell (Dance), Assistant Arts Professor Jeremy Nelson (Dance), and Adjunct Professors Wendy Perron and Cari Ann Shim Sham (Dance); from Drama: Arts Professors Catherine Coray and Rubén Polenda, Department of Recorded Music Arts Professor Jason King (Chair), and Arts Professor Deborah Kapchan (Performance Studies, Anthropology). Apart from the NYU participants, participating artists-scholars include Liz Lerman (dance), Joanna Sherman (theater), Livia Vanaver (dance), Donald Byrd (dance) and Frank London (music).

The Tisch Institute of Creative Research, Directed by Dana Whitco, is acting as project administrator and manager.