About GIAS

The main purpose of the Global Institute for Advanced Study at NYU is to sponsor working research groups on innovative and (typically) interdisciplinary topics that require cooperation on an international scale and a sustained multi-year focus.

It also occasionally sponsors one-time workshops which may, but need not, serve as pilot events for a possible working group; and the occasional public lecture.  To submit an application for workshop funding (restricted to full-time NYU faculty), please click here.

Working Groups

Each working group is based in an existing department, center or school of NYU, and is always led by an NYU faculty member. The core membership of a working group typically consists of about 15-20 scholars assembled as necessary from around the world.

The participants commit to attending two short (two or three day) meetings per year, and to exchanging papers and views between meetings. Most of the meetings will take place at NYUNY or at one of NYU’s other global sites.

Each working group will work towards an “end product” which may be a published volume, a public conference and/or a website.

Deans and other members of the Provost’s Advisory Group are invited to submit to the Director their nominations of strong candidates from the various schools.