Neuroaesthetics is an emerging field dedicated to discovering the brain bases of aesthetic experiences. It seeks to create fine-scale maps of neural activity for the broad domain of visual aesthetics (from faces to landscapes, paintings, architecture and abstract images), but also to explore the relationships between responses to arts in different modalities (music and painting, for example), and to understand the connections between aesthetic experiences and other cognitive domains.

Project Members:

Principal Investigator: Gabrielle Starr (NYU)

  • Dr. Amy Belfi (Iowa)
  • Felicity Callard (Durham)
  • Anjan Chatterjee (UPenn)
  • Andrea R. Halpern (Bucknell)
  • Robert Hopkins (NYU)
  • Helmut Leder (Vienna)
  • Denis Pelli (NYU)
  • Natalie M. Phillips (Michigan State)
  • David Poeppel (NYU)
  • Lauren Vale (NYU)
  • Ed Vessel (NYU)