Rethinking Global Infrastructure Finance

Observers of the global economy have noted that investment in infrastructure —from airports in the U.S. to power plants in Nigeria — could help boost slow and declining growth throughout the world and address challenges in both advanced and emerging economies by raising productivity, prospective returns on a variety of capital investments, and expectations about the future. But while the estimated requirement for global infrastructure investment is about $4 trillion annually, less  than $3 trillion is actually taking place. New ideas to transform this gap from a challenge into an opportunity to create value for the global economy and society more generally are the focus of this project, involving several key members of the Stern School faculty. The focus is to better harness large pools of institutional capital  such as pension funds to infrastructure projects through the global capital markets.

Project members:

Ingo Walter (Principal Investigator)

  • Pankaj Ghemawat (NYU)
  • Joel Hasbrouck (NYU)
  • Peter Henry (NYU)
  • Michael Posner (NYU)
  • Paul Romer (NYU)
  • Michael Spence (NYU)
  • Paul Tice (Senior Managing Director and Head of the Energy Capital Group)
  • StijnVan Nieuwerburgh (NYU)
  • Tensie Whelan (NYU)
  • Larry White (NYU)
  • David Yermack (NYU)