Critical Collaboration

The Critical Collaboration Working Group will investigate the relationship between creativity and social change. The project is particularly interested in how critical collaboration might contribute to change at interpersonal, social and structural levels. We hope to better understand how such changes might be seeded through critical thinking and reflexive actions that are developed in concert with others. Engaging young practitioners from the Tisch Art & Public Policy alumni network, along with NYU faculty members and practitioners local to five GNU sites (Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Florence, Shanghai, Sydney), the Critical Collaborations Working Group seeks to recognize and embody local dynamics with global implications. Practitioners are working in a variety of forms including performance art, photography, groundbreaking curatorial efforts and organization building. Their projects explore pressing issues such as gender-based violence, Indigenous aesthetic innovations, urban youth culture and art in the public sphere. Project Launch: April 14-16, 2016.

Project Members

Principal Investigator: Pato Hebert (NYU)

Members TBA