Global Institute of Public Health Research Affinity Group Network

NYU’s Global Institute of Public Health (GIPH), launched in 2012, is an innovative model for collaborative research. With over 110 faculty from 13 NYU schools and departments, it represents the wide range of methodologies and skillsets needed to address complex global public health problems.

Based on faculty expertise, the GIPH has created an initial six Research Affinity Groups (AGs) to enhance research synergy and catalyze success in attaining funding opportunities for science that advances global public health. These Affinity Groups can now form the core of a global public health research platform or network that will extend across the GNU.

With support from the GIAS, this research network will be empowered to engage with scientists across NYU NYC, Abu Dhabi, Accra, Buenos Aires, DC, London, Shanghai, and Sydney, and as well as with other leaders such as the George Institute for Global Health/Oxford University, to strengthen the scientific evidence base applied to the following key global public health areas: addiction, environmental health, implementation science, policy, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and reproductive/sexual health including HIV.